Shanghai where East becomes West

Shanghai is a city that is an incredible blend of the traditional and modern. It is a sprawling metropolis but it is also a way for people to visit developing China. Those visiting the city will also be struck how it seems to be a blend between Eastern and Western cultures.

Shanghai is the financial centre of China and has towering skyscrapers that suit this title. Outside of the business district you will find ancient buildings and architectural gems such as museums, gardens, and temples. The contrast between the new city and the old city is quite startling.

There are a great many places to visit in China and it has developed a great deal as a tourist destination. However long you choose to spend in Shanghai will never be short of something to do. Some of the highlights include going up the Jinmao Tower which will give fantastic views of the city, or shopping on the internationally famous Nanjing Road.

There is also an ancient watertown in Shanghai which has been described as Venice in the East, and exploring the waterways here is a very enjoyable way to spend part of the day. Other attractions include the Shanghai Museum, the Jade Buddha, and the Yuyuan Garden.

Shanghai is one of the most developed cities in China and has a modern transportation system that involves transport by air, sea and land. Getting to the city is also very easy and there are 300 different airlines travelling to the airport, which provide direct links to over 20 countries. For travelling around the city taking a sightseeing bus can be a good idea for a visitor but if you just need to go from A to B there are plenty of city buses and taxis. Rush-hour in the city is very busy and it’s a good idea to avoid travelling at the peak hours which are between 7:30 AM and 9 AM and again at 4:30 PM to 6:30 PM.

Shanghai has a wide range of accommodation options and there is something to suit every budget and taste. Entertainment and nightlife in Shanghai are also well developed and cater to tourists. The bar and nightclub scene is booming in the city and there are plenty of options to choose from. There are also several acrobatic shows in the city that occur in the evenings. Cruises on the Huangpu River are also popular in the evenings, especially among tourists.

The number of shops in Shanghai is extensive and they sell everything you could possibly need. There are four main shopping streets in the city and also four main shopping ‘cities.’ At these locations you will be able to find everything from ivory carvings to fashion accessories. Food in Shanghai is typically sweet and sugar is a popular seasoning, there are many restaurants in the city which serve traditional Shanghai cuisine.