Self catering holidays in Romania are perfect for families

One popular holiday destination that families love to go to is Romania, a place where self catering accommodation and rental is very popular. There are many villas that can be rented for a trip along with swimming pools, apartments, holiday homes and more in many parts of Romania.

Bucharest is the capital city and home to great history museums, some of the best in the world with the Village Museum being seen as the best example. Some of the most iconic Romanian architecture is displayed in this museum. For nature lovers, the Busteni Mountain is another attraction of this region.

The Romanian Countryside also offers travelers with a glimpse of what rural life can be for people who live in this region of the world. Those interested in seeing Romania’s historical process can go to the National Mazuel de Istorie a Romaniei, which is the main history museum of the country.

Art lovers will like the Pleasant Museum thanks to its many great paintings. Tourists love Bucharest because of the vibrant nightlife that can be found here, when people often come for short breaks to visit the many clubs in this city. Bucharest also offers many festivals and cultural activities.

Some of the most well known festivals include the Classic Music Festival, Gay pride, Cow Parade, Chinese New Year and the International Opera Festival. There are also many theatres in Bucharest including Constantin Tanase Revue Theatre and the Nottara Theatre, both of which offer shows on a regular basis. Many travelers go on short breaks during weekends in this city.

Its history is vast and traces back to the early 20th century when the Sucevita monastery was rediscovered, a relic from the 16th century. It grants a beautiful image of the time, along with the Moldovita Monastery, also founded in the 16th century.