Seabourn Cruises

Whilst cruises have become increasingly less elitist in recent years, and many families have found them to be a more affordable options for a holiday, there is still a big market out there for luxury cruises. There are many companies that offer cruises that are classed as luxurious, but of you want to take a luxury cruise with a renowned specialist, you should be looking at Seabourn cruises.

The name Seabourn has long been associated with luxury cruises of the pure, unadulterated kind, and their fleet of yachts are second to none. They offer a sense of elegance, grace and style that are unmatched by any other vessels used commercially. They liken their services to the kind you would receive on a privately chartered yacht and from the suites, to the spas to the gastronomy; they really are the last word in luxury.

If you have always dreamed of cruising the oceans of the world whilst being personally attended by specially trained staff who not only address you by name but also know all your personal preferences, then you should be heading directly to the Seabourn website you can turn this dream into a reality with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Seabourn originally had a fleet of only three yacht like cruisers which are a lot smaller than a traditional cruise ship and have a maximum capacity of only 208 passengers. These are named the Seabourn Legend, the Seabourn Pride and the Seabourn Spirit, and carried their passengers to some of the world’s most desirable destinations in sophisticated and consummate comfort.

They were later joined in 2009 by the first of their 450 capacity vessels, the Seabourn Odyssey. The second, the Seaborn Sojourn joined the fleet in 2010 and a third, the Seabourn Quest, took its place in the ranks this year. Whilst larger that the initial three vessels, these are still a lot smaller than traditional cruisers and still afford the relaxed ambience and personal touch that is offered by their smaller siblings.

There are other advantages of having smaller vessels other than the ambience and the service, and one of the big ones is the fact that ports that are not accessible to the large liners can be visited by Seabourn yachts. This effectively opens up a whole new world of cruise destinations that were previously unavailable to cruisers.

The facilities on board Seabourn cruisers are, as you would expect, unsurpassed. All the accommodations are suites with sweeping views of the ocean and many with private verandas. The open bar policy serves wines, champagnes and spirits while fine wines are served at both lunch and dinner, and their relaxed complimentary dining allows you to eat what you want, when you want and with whoever you choose to dine with.

Add to this the complimentary massages and exclusive shore excursions and you can see why Seabourn cruises are at the top of the tree as far as luxury cruises are concerned. Give yourself the treat of a lifetime by taking a Seabourn cruise, and create those kind of memories that last a lifetime.

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