Santorini perhaps the most stunning place in Europe

Santorini is able offer amazing sights to visitors that they will not soon forget which is why most people who return from the Island call it one of the most magical holiday destinations in the world.  Formed from a volcanic eruption, Santorini offers plenty to do for holiday travelers that regularly arrive from all over the world as well as plenty of breathtaking scenic sights.

The central town on the island is the capital city Fira, but outside of the town there are plenty of calderas, beaches, and villages that are also charming to explore. Despite this fact, Fira and its neighbouring town Oia are the top tourist destinations on the island with Oia popular due to the fact that it is very peaceful and offers some great shopping for those seeking a low key holiday.

Spread throughout Oia are some amazing local art galleries as artists are often drawn to the city and take up permanent residence on the island given its inspiring landscape. On the other hand, Fira is the centre of nightlife on the island sporting plenty of discos, bars, tourist resorts, and dancing clubs. There is also an international music festival that takes place every year towards the end of August that is a lot of fun to participate in.

Santorini is the perfect location for all holiday budgets as there are accommodation and food choices for everyone. The cuisine is also varied featuring the best of local traditional Greece flavours and other contemporary foods so that everyone can get something they enjoy. Finally, while on the Island make sure to stop by Akrotiri, given that it offers a look into the past Minoan civilization and the buried city of the island that was entombed in lava when the volcano erupted.