Sales of online luxury goods soar in the New Year

There was some strange behaviour from British consumers in the New Year according to Rakuten LinkShare, the world’s largest affiliate network. We all know that high street shops are having problems but online shopping seems to be another story. This is especially true in the sales of luxury items which consumers have started to splash out on in a big way.

January is always a good month for shops with the sales helping to stabilize the market before they drop again in the spring. But this year Rakuten LinkShare have reported that sales went up an amazing 96% in January. Liane Dietrich, the managing Director of Rakuten LinkShare UK, has put this down to good marketing of luxury brands.

UK consumers seem to be getting to grips with online shopping. It gives people the ability to shop around from the comfort of their own homes and look for the best deals. Now, thanks to comparison organisations like Rakuten, they can look for luxury goods at the cheapest prices.

Everyone likes to have luxury items if they can afford them and UK shoppers are notorious for grabbing a bargain when they can. This is what is happening although there does seem to be a move away from the idea that we are a nation of bargain-hunters with many people trading up as long as the prices are still reasonable. Consumers also like the investment value that some luxury goods offer.

With the internet, shopping can now be a 24-hour a day pastime and consumers are taking full advantage of this. They can be inside their favourite shop or indeed any other shop with just a few clicks of the mouse. With well-timed marketing campaigns and special offers, online stores are grabbing the attention of UK consumers and it seems to be paying dividends.