Romantic Sardinia is the perfect honeymoon location

When you are planning your wedding and looking for somewhere to go for your honeymoon, one thing for sure is that you will be searching for somewhere that is just that little bit special. One destination that should definitely be considered is Sardinia, as this ticks all the boxes as far as romantic destinations are concerned, and many more besides.

The island nestles in the centre of the western Mediterranean, and is actually a tad closer to mainland Africa than it is to Italy. It is a creation of all the cultures that have swept across the island over the years which have blended together to give Sardinia an atmosphere like none other on earth. The stunning landscape with the beaches and mountains, and architecture make this one of the most effortlessly romantic destinations.

For those looking for an unforgettable honeymoon, Sardinia is certainly hard to beat. It’s very easy to sell honeymoon’s locally, especially when you consider that the island boasts over 1000 miles of unspoilt coastline and boasts stunning beaches, coves and dunes. Sardinia has a simple honesty about it, and many find it a welcome respite from the brash glitz that is readily found on the mainland.

The north of Sardinia gets plenty of attention from travel companies, but it is in the quieter south that you will find all the ingredients for that perfect honeymoon. The rugged interior that exists in the south produces a vast number of both man made and natural sights, that are well worth exploring should you be looking for something more than the glorious beaches.

The isolated position that Sardinia enjoys in the Mediterranean is mirrored in the peace and tranquillity that can easily be found on the island. This gives you that unique feeling of truly being away from it all, and is the perfect scenario to start married life.