Romantic getaways

Whether you want to walk on the white sandy beaches, or relax in a nice cosy hotel room, there is always somewhere you can spend a romantic evening and get the best results.

Zanzibar and Tanzania

Zanzibar and Tanzania are the perfect place to go if you are looking for a romantic holiday or a honeymoon. Late at night as the sun is sinking over the water you can hear the distant grunts from the hippos and see the bright green eyes of crocodiles submerging from the water. The deserted strip of the sandbank is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the sunset.

While visiting you will become very accustomed to being greeted by small insects and critters during the night or early in the morning as you wake to find them sleeping on the floorboards or crawling along the wall. Seeking through the bushes you can find some of the larger forms of wildlife.

All along the plains, you can see wildebeests dancing, impalas jumping, and giraffes galloping. You can then look further to see the elephants digging in the dust for a drink of water, and possibly get the chance to see a leopard laying in the hot sun.

Your holiday will definitely pass quickly from laying on the sand under the palm trees and feasting on great seafood and cocktails served in fresh coconut shells.

Hyderabad, India

There is no other romantic stay than at the Falakanuma in India. Guests are free to roam around the rooms with very high decorative ceilings and drink tea in the high class Jade Room. If you are looking to leave the hotel and look around the city below, take a trip to the local Lad Bazaar. The market is famous for its pearls and diamonds, but one can find simplicity and content in some of their glass bracelets and glittery lacquer.

The steep climb to the summit of the Golconda Fort is well worth its time. The crumbling ramparts and narrow steps are usually packed with school children in their little uniforms looking to talk and take pictures with tourists and visitors.

Miami, US

Home to some intense window-shopping, high class restaurants, and possibly getting to vacate a seat that a celebrity had just sat in, is never something you want to pass up. You can book harbour cruises, dance the night away at night clubs, and stroll through the city enjoying some of its colours and lights.