Road Trips of a Lifetime

What better this summer than to take off on the open road and enjoy some of the best routes in the world. You can even take your favorite mode of transport with you to enjoy the roads to the fullest by using uShip car transport. Why limit yourself to routes closer to you when you can enjoy the best on the planet? Make 2013 the year you explore the world behind the wheel, there are some truly amazing paths through jungle, desert, cliff top tracks and more, so here we explore five of the best. We defy you not to be tempted!
Alaska’s Seward Highway
Start in Anchorage and meander your way down this 127-mile route from sea, to mountains and back again. Enjoy the sites through the Chugach State Park with eagles soaring overhead. Travelling down bird creek you will then be able to enjoy the tremendous views Mount Alyeska has to offer. Finish this breath-taking trip in the Portage Valley, with the most amazing glaciers. If you have a camera, don’t forget it for this journey but my gosh, will you need it!
Amalfi Coast, Italy
A much more challenging road trip, this journey is not one for the faint hearted with these rumored the most difficult roads to drive, in the world. This beautiful scenic stretch of coastline has won prizes for its gorgeous views and idyllic weather. Visit some of the picturesque towns such as Amalfi itself with its seafront setting and sweet café bars, Positano and Ravello, said to the most romantic towns of all with vineyards producing some of the worlds finest wine.
Route 66
Well, we couldn’t list the best without including this one! This mammoth stretch of road runs right from Chicago to LA and runs through Springfield, Oklahoma City finishing up in the city of angels itself. Check out the deep American desert, Grand Canyon and national parks with rare breeds of animal not found anywhere else of earth. This doesn’t need much description, as it will impress on every level.
Back roads of Provence, France
Two hours from Paris you find the perfect Provence. Start your journey in Avignon and before you start enjoy the treats Christian Grienne restaurant, followed by a trip next door to the architectural beauty that is the popes palace. Roussillon could be the next stop with its striking red ocher cliffs that it perches precariously on the side of.
Big Island, Hawaii
This Island has a landscape unlike anywhere else in the US. As Hawaiian cowboy Corky Bryan once said, “The Big Island has it all”, and he’s right. Larger than all of the other Hawaiian islands combined, it is also the only one that is still volcanically active which adds a unique sense of geographical importance as well as intrigue from geologists. Aside from the volcanic elements of the island you’ll find yourself driving through jungle, farm land, the stunning coastline and  the undulating surfaces caused by the centuries of volcanic activity which make the roads on the Big Island some of the most picturesque anywhere in North America.