River Yangtze Tours

Cruises are those long past the stage of being only for the most affluent, and whilst they are now mostly affordable to all, there are many who simply don’t like the idea of endless days at sea. Whilst there is much to see and do on modern cruise liners, there are those who want to relax and the thought of looking at endless miles of blue sea puts them off from taking that idea of a cruise they have always toyed with.

The answer is simple; you get the best of both worlds by taking a river cruise. There are majestic waterways all around the globe which combine the luxury of cruising with an ever changing vista of sights and sounds to enjoy as you leisurely pass by. If you have a penchant for anything oriental, and thousands of us have, a trip to China and a cruise down the River Yangtze will, literally, float your boat.

There is an enigmatic charm about the orient that exists nowhere else. For so many years it was kept hidden behind an impenetrable bamboo curtain, but since that has all but disappeared the rest of the world is discovering exactly what treats were hidden from us for so long. While there are many China Tours which will take in all the top attractions, a river cruise down the Yangtze will let you experience the real China.

The third largest river in the world is also the longest in Asia, stretching an impressive 6380km eastwards from Qinghai Province down to Shanghai and the East China Sea. Cruising along the Yangtze literally takes you back in time and you get the chance of a lifetime to see the China that hasn’t caught up with the times and the simplicity in which the residents live, and are happy to do so.

Ancient relics dating back to the many Chinese dynasties can be seen dotted around the landscape, and the superb photographic opportunities are endless. These are particularly prevalent when cruising through the three gorges which span the river between western Hubai and eastern Sichuan. To see the Wu, Quataing and Xiling up close and personal is something you truly will never forget.

Incorporating a cruise down the Yangtze River into your trip to China is essential to see the two sides of this vast and extraordinary country. If you are looking for a real trip of a lifetime, look for a holiday to China that includes a Yangtze River cruise.