River and canal holidays in Belgium and Holland

There are wonderful river and canal cruises that offer quiet, peaceful and picturesque vistas in Belgium and Holland. Many of the larger cruise companies offer river cruises during the tulip-blooming season in spring with many options including going up river on the Rhine to Switzerland.

Canals are littered throughout Holland and two incredible sights are seeing a cruise ship seemingly cruise majestically through a hay field and that same cruise ship crossing over a major highway over head.

Along with the myriad of larger cruise ships that are in the rivers, canals can also be enjoyed via self hire boats including those from LeBoat and Boating Holidays. In Amsterdam your boat can be moored at a dock across from the train station and you can enjoy a cruise from Amsterdam to Utrecht on the Vecht River. Nevertheless beginners should think twice about self hire boats because of the canal traffic and the huge tugs.

A way of life in Holland is the boating that goes on in the canals. A great way to spend the day is canal cruising and stopping off at the many canal side cafes and bars. The locks remain open in the summer. There are many interconnected lakes and streams in the Northern Netherlands so the cruising and fishing is excellent.

It is as if there is too much to see and do and too many place to visit. A tulip tour you can start on a ferry from England transfer to a CroisiEurope riverboat to visit the Keukenhof Gardens. The gardens have over 6 million daffodils, tulips and other beautiful colorful flowers. The cruise is known as Tulip Time in Holland travels into Belgium and finishes in Antwerp.

Many tours co-mingle the Belgium and Holland waterways making it quite easy to cruise from Amsterdam to Antwerp or Rotterdam via canal and river. Holland and Amsterdam are still the major attractions. The different Rhine adventure voyages start there and will cruise the busiest canal of Europe. Also there is a trip from Basel to Amsterdam. The many canals and waterways throughout Holland make it an excellent choice to use as a base to start your river journey.