RiutBag – the next generation of urban rucksack

The next generation of rucksack has arrived today, simply allowing commuters and city travellers to leave behind worries of pickpockets to enjoy safe, smart and secure travel without concern for the safety of their belongings. The revolutionary rucksack has launched on Kickstarter, and after a few hours is already a “staff pick.” After Phil Hufton, London Underground COO, stated this year that pickpocketing was the most common type of crime experienced in the transport system, one UK entrepreneur has come up with an elegant and intuitive way to protect personal possessions from fear of wandering hands in our densely populated cities.

The RiutBag flips the old rucksack design, placing all zip openings against the wearer’s back to ensure that data-rich belongings – from passports and purses to smartphones, laptops and tablets – are fully protected in transit. For busy commuters, regular travellers and residents of the world’s biggest cities, the RiutBag makes public travel a breeze and offers invaluable peace of mind that all belongings are safe and secure.

The London Underground and corresponding transport systems in the world’s busiest cities are packed with commuters, tourists and travellers who will go to any length to secure their belongings and protect themselves from potential crime. Whether they wear their backpacks on their front – a favoured option in Beijing and Shanghai – or frequently check zips and fastenings, travellers in bustling urban centres are aware of the flaws in conventional backpack design. The RiutBag allows them to enjoy a new freedom while travelling, knowing that there are no exposed openings that could lead a pickpocket to their treasured smartphone, car keys or identification.

Sarah Giblin, founder of Riut and creator of the RiutBag, says, “The RiutBag concept came to me after years of commuting and travelling with my trusty rucksack. In the crush one day I realised the problem: when you wear a normal rucksack as intended, the person behind you can get access your things better than you. We’re bombarded with crime statistics and warnings to look after our belongings, yet the rucksack – choice of many commuters – isn’t helping us in urban spaces. Pondering an easier way to carry our bags without suspicion of anonymous fellow commuters around us, I set to work designing the RiutBag.”

Billed as a ‘Revolution In User Thinking’ or ‘Riut’, the entrepreneur’s personal design mantra, the RiutBag is the perfect accessory for commuters, travellers and tourists that frequent busy cities and bustling transport systems. All zips are neatly designed against the wearer’s back, so there’s no risk of a nearby thief having easy access to the smaller compartments where smartphones, passports or tablets tend to sit. The minimal exterior is suited to those travelling for work – it’s sleek enough to accompany office attire, and inconspicuous enough to ensure it doesn’t draw attention for the wrong reasons in the way a smart briefcase or expensive handbag might.

Ms Giblin adds, “The technology we carry with us, and our urban environment, has seen much change and innovation in the last few decades – yet the rucksack has fundamentally stayed the same. It’s time to look at non-tech items as a legitimate focus of innovation, like the humble rucksack. So here it is: the RiutBag is the next generation of rucksack. Until the day that teleportation is an accessible reality for all, I want to keep revolving rucksack design anew around the needs of the user now and in the future. But it all starts here, with the first and fundamental revolution of the rucksack.”

The RiutBag launches today (27 October 2014) on Kickstarter, crowdfunding platform, attempting to secure enough backers to put the bag into full-scale production. For more information about the RiutBag, or to pledge your support to the crowdfunding campaign, visit the Kickstarter page: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1090074666/the-revolutionary-rucksack-riutbag