Red Sea Diving

The Red Sea is one of the best places that you go for diving experiences that are unique and enriching. The diving area of the Red Sea is composed of waters that lie between Sudan, Egypt, and Jordan although the best way to approach diving in the Red Sea is from the Egyptian side. It is easy to get to, with airlines such as Fly Thomas Cook providing flights Sharm el Sheikh, possibly the premier Red Sea resort.

Diving in the Red Sea consists of cave diving, plenty of reefs to explore, and a few wrecks as well where many ancient relics still remain in their native spots on display on the bottom of the ocean. The combination of these three beautiful aquatic scenes is so immense that many people dive in the same spot several times to maximize the sights that they visit.

Outside of colourful reefs that abound along the ocean, there are many aquatic animals to see while diving in the Red Sea including blue spotted rays, turtles, reef fish, barracudas, snappers, lionfish, and jacks.

However, while reef diving there are serious rules in place as diving is taken seriously in the Red Sea since it is one of the strongest components of the economy. Diving in protected park areas will cost about seven pounds which is used to preserve the reef areas. Additionally, every reef area in the Red Sea is protected by national law that dictates you can look but cannot interfere with the natural environment. Thus, there are no touching, gloves, littering, or feeding of the animals.

One unique fact about diving in the Red Sea is the fact that the water is saltier than most other diving locations so you will need to make sure that you have extra weight in order to get down to deeper locations.

People choose to go diving in the Red Sea any time throughout the year, but for those who want to dive in warm waters it is best to head to the Red Sea between the months of June and September when air temps can reach into 40C.

During the winter air temperatures fall down to 20C which is still not too bad although you will have to bring a wetsuit along with you. Outside of the winter however, a shortie is all you need for diving in the Red Sea which makes it a nice location for those who like a full body experience.

The waters stay clear for the most part which also makes diving in the Red Sea a unique experience with an average of 20-60m in shallow water and 30-40m in deeper waters.