Queenstown a shining jewel of New Zealand

One of the most popular tourist spots for international travelers to New Zealand is Queenstown in the region of Otago on South Island. Queenstown is a shining jewel in New Zealand’s tourism industry, and is known as one of the top adventure destinations in the world. Queenstown offers bungee jumping, skydiving, white water rafting, and other exciting activities.

Tourists that can afford a lavish holiday and budget-minded tourists alike can find accommodation in one of the resort town’s many places to stay. Bed and breakfast inns are both comfortable and affordable. Many of the bed and breakfast lodges in Queenstown are located in historical buildings, so tourists can take in some interesting history along with breakfast and rest.

Tourists seeking a more relaxing holiday can still have a great time in Queenstown. The town does not just offer thrilling adventure, but there is a peaceful and scenic side to it as well. One of the most unique experiences offered in Queenstown is the Kingston Flyer. An antique from the late 19th century, the Kingston Flyer is a steam train that offers tourists a relaxing ride. The engine travels through the Queenstown Lake District, so tourists will get the chance to take in some breathtaking scenery while enjoying the ride.

Tourists planning to ride the Flyer will have to visit at the right time of the year. The train only operates for seven months out of the year; from October until April. It is best to ride the Flyer in the warmer months when the scenery of the lakes and mountains is best, so it is advisable to plan vacations around this timeframe.

To take the Kingston Flyer, tourists will have to travel about forty minutes south of Queenstown, taking state highway 6. Those that would prefer not to rent a car can take the Kingston Flyer Shuttle. The shuttle service picks up travelers at their accommodations, and then drops them back off when the day is done.