Puerto Rico Parks

Bayamon River Linear Park was opened on June 8, 2003. This beautiful river park offers its visitors a quiet place and is suitable for exercising. Throughout it has six miles of trail. On the edge of the historic river Bayamon, the park provides the public with an area that promotes health through physical activity.

It consists of a linear walk of two routes, one for pedestrians and another for bicycles. It starts at the road PR 177 and ends at the road PR 22, occupying an approximate length of 9.0 kilometers.

In order to ensure a safe and peaceful environment for users of the project and to residents of the surrounding areas, with the intention of protecting the environmental health, the municipal administration has banned the transport of all motorized equipment in these facilities. A tour shows the visitor linear areas for passive recreation and areas for private activities.

Robert Junghanns Park is located in the AB 167, on land that belonged to agricultural engineer Robert Junghanns. It is one of the most prized parks in the village. It is a passive park full of greenery and fresh air where the whole family can share time together, with facilities for the enjoyment of both public and private activities.

Robert L Junghanns was born in Porghkeepsie, New York on July 1, 1871. His university studies were conducted at Cornell University. He came to Puerto Rico when he was very young and was devoted to trade. Junghanns lived on street Hiram Gonzalez at number 122.

The famous engineer was devoted to studying and preserving materials related to Bayamon culture. These materials are preserved in the Archivo General de Puerto Rico and are known as the Junghanns Collection. He planted trees in the range of properties that make up the park that today bears his name. Those trees are laurel, cedar, layer, and Guaraguao Mahogany, among others. Robert L. Junghanns died in Hato Rey on September 21, 1947.

Forest Park – During the month of June 1990 operations began in the forest park located in the road sector Sabana PR 167 in the Buena Vista neighborhood. This beautiful park offers its visitors the opportunity to enjoy a cool, passive and relaxed atmosphere. The recreational facilities are available to the general public for holding different types of activities.

Central Park is a place where visitors can enjoy a comprehensive and central area to share in outdoor activities with the whole family. Central Park is conveniently located in the PR 2 right next to City Hall. These facilities, available to the general public, are also available for the enjoyment of private activities. The park has traditionally been the venue for musical performances sponsored by the Municipal Administration of Bayamon for the enjoyment of its citizenship.