Puerto Madero Buenos Aires

Puerto Madero is a popular waterfront district located in Buenos Aires. Argentina’s capital is a well-known tourist destination and it is annually visited by millions of people. If you are planning to visit this majestic city, then you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to visit Puerto Madero, a district full of fancy hotels, exquisite restaurants, numerous clubs and bars and many other attractions.

The original plans for this district were to turn it into a port for cargo ships, but when the size of cargo ships drastically increased, the port became unusable and it was neglected for years. Although now it is a popular tourist destination, in the past it was a boring place full of warehouses.

Thankfully, in the 1990s, a group of investors started a vast redevelopment program which fully transformed the district and built many offices, universities, lofts and other properties. The Buenos Aires Hilton was the final touch to this colorful district and now it is ready to accept visitors from all around the world.

An interesting fact about Puerto Madero is that every street in the district carries the name of a woman. Puente de la Mujer is one of the most popular spots in the district and it is the favorite place of photographers.

If you want to be accommodated according the highest standards, then the Buenos Aires hotels located in Puerto Madero are the perfect choice for you. Some of the most popular hotels are the Hotel Madero, the Hilton, The Faena Hotel and many others.

Meaningless why you are visiting Buenos Aires, you must go to this district at least once. If you are looking for a fancy restaurant, then you’ll certainly love the food offered by the exquisite restaurants in Puerto Madero. Cabana Las Lilas and Siga la Vaca are just two of the restaurants that offer unique dishes and international cuisine.