Praia da Vau

If any area in the world seems greedy in the sheer volume of fantastic beaches it offers it has to be the Algarve in Portugal. One of the best is at Praia da Rocha, and while the visitors to the town, as well as those staying in other towns flock here, the steep descent down the dozens of stone steps, and subsequent ascent, put many off having fun on the sand. Just a 5 minute drive along the coast is Praia da Vau, which has the same beach, but is completely on the flat.

The town is typical of the resorts on this stretch of coastline, small, picturesque and plenty to do for everyone. There aren’t a great many hotels, which adds to its charm as it hasn’t been over commercialised to attract visitors, and the beach front bars and restaurants are a delight. There is a good mix of cuisines in the market and while you can have an English breakfast if you want, it is well worth trying some portuguese gastronomy, and the freshly caught fish and sea food is a must.

With the beach being so accessible it gets busy but never crowded, except for in the peak of summer, and there are plenty of sun loungers and shades for hire. The beach is well serviced by a wide choice of restaurants that will serve snacks, as well as full meals, all day long, and keep you topped up with your favourite drink, be it alcoholic or soft.

From the beach at Praia da Vau you can walk in a easterly direction along to Praia da Rocha, at low tide, and to the west is another stunning beach at Praia do Alemão, which is a particular favourite with little ones who love the many rock pools and the coves to explore.