Portugal, the Algarve and so much more

Portugal is quickly once again becoming one of the top family holiday destinations in Europe with plenty of self catering holiday homes and luxury villas available to rent. Many families that choose to tour the sites of this historical country take a look at holiday villas to rent in the Algarve. Most of these world class villas offer swimming pools and more of the luxurious comforts that you can only find on this type of holiday. Of course, it does not hurt that Portugal offers many clean and sandy beaches as well as the nice permanently sunny warm climate of the Mediterranean.

The country is also known for its heritage and very proud culture that is hard to miss. Most families that rent villas and cottages use these accommodations as a base so that they can get out in the countryside during the days.

Local museums offer a great glimpse into the local culture and can be fun for all ages. While at home in the villas there is also plenty to do since most sport some of the most luxurious swimming pools in Europe coupled with mountain-side views. Some that sit close to the coast actually offer pools and the beach allowing you to get even more for your money.

Other families choose to book rooms in self catering apartments that sit near the beach resorts so that they can get the best of both worlds. Many of the families that choose the self catering apartments also spend time sampling the local wine and cuisine which is exquisite. Holiday homes allow families to eat both at home and out on the town so that they get a chance to sample the Portuguese mode of life.

Despite the fact that Portugal is not a large country it is still a great travel spot due to its 800 kilometers of coastline. Along this coastline are some of the best self catering apartments, cottages, and holiday villas in the world. It is also uniquely placed as the eastern border of the country is Spain and its southwestern border is literally the Atlantic Ocean.

The city of Lisbon is a great base for family holidays as it is one of Europe’s proudest harbours with some amazing holiday homes and some very top notch holiday villas. Many of these rentals overlook the harbour offering tourists the perfect base for their holiday experiences. In addition, Lisbon is very close to some of the best beaches on the Algarve.

The coastline of the Algarve is a 161 kilometer stretch of Portugal that also offers some of the top beaches in the continent and is a great tourist location as well. Here you will find hundreds of different luxury villas and holiday cottages available to rent straight from the owners making it a low cost way to get a great place to stay. Tourists that book a stay in this area of Portugal also find that the area is ripe with golf courses allowing for short golf rounds or an entire holiday out on the greens.