P&O Cruises – Short Adventures

Anyone who’s enjoyed a short cruise has probably dreamt of the day they can step on board one of the world’s luxury liners and sail off into the sunset around the world. The thought of sailing off for months at a time and seeking out adventure in far flung places is something that for many of us remains a dream due to time restrictions and ties back home such as work.

P&O Cruises have created a way that makes it possible for many of us to join in with some of these adventures in bite size chunks. They have four cruise ships setting off in January 2012 who will not only take passengers on the long adventure of a round the world trip, but who will also pick up passengers along the way meaning that those of us who can only afford a shorter trip be it for financial or time constraints, can fly out to one of the ports of call and join in for one or more sections of the cruise lasting between 13 and 57 nights.

The Aurora is the first ship to set sail from Southampton on January 4th, and she will sail all the way down to New Zealand porting at Auckland before proceeding to Sydney and Brisbane in Australia and then on to Bangkok, Singapore, Dubai and beyond. Her journey will last for 98 nights and cruisers joining the journey part way through will be able to enjoy stays of between 13 and 43 nights.

Oriana will set sail one day later on the 5th and take in a similar classic itinerary to Aurora. The middle east, far east, Pacific, Mexico, Caribbean, Australia and New Zealand are all places she will take in on her 97 night long world cruise before she heads home once more to Southampton. Shorter cruises from 15 to 50 nights long can be taken along the way.

The adult only ship Arcadia offers those wishing to travel without children the chance to enjoy a world tour too. She will set sail on the 9th of January 2012 from Southampton heading out on her second ‘Grand Odyssey’ voyage. Her route takes in Australia, Africa and parts of the Far East and hers is the longest voyage of the four ships lasting a full 109 nights. Passengers flying out to ports to join in along the way can stay for between 14 and 57 nights of the trip.

Adonia is the fourth of the P&O cruise ships sailing the world. She leaves Southampton port on the 13th and cruises a ‘South American Adventure’ lasting 87 nights. Along her route she will visit the Amazon, Cape Hope, The Glaciers of Chile, Peru and Ecuador. Shorter cruises taking in just part of the route can last between 15 and 54 nights.