People Planning Arctic Holidays in 2014

Many top holiday publications have stated that this year people are going to head to the Arctic for unique and quirky holidays. In fact, the president of Quark Expeditions , the industry leader in adventures to the polar region, stated that he believes that Arctic tourism is going to increase exponentially this year due to better tour options and great accessibility to the area. He added that there is now more knowledge of different polar activities and destinations which is making many more adventurous travelers curious.

Iceland: a Top Arctic Travel Destination

Iceland made several top tourism destination lists recently, including The Guardian’s Where to Go in 2014 guide. The volcanic island has earned the nickname ‘Hollywood of the North’ thanks to several films shot there recently, including Oblivion ,Prometheus , The Secret Life of Walter Misty and upcoming releases Interstellar and Noah .

“Iceland has always been recognized as a prime destination for Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) viewing, but our ‘Iceland Experience’ package has become an incredibly popular choice for an add-on among photographers and those in search of an authentic cultural experience,” said Lagerweij.

Polar Bear Safaris, Arctic Kayak Adventures Increasingly Popular

Climate change concerns and the melting of polar ice caps have resulted in increased interest in Arctic wildlife. “Spitsbergen is one of the greatest places on earth to observe polar bears in their natural environment,” said Lagerweij. “Demand is great and we now offer three Spitsbergen expeditions of varying lengths, each with ample opportunity to observe and photograph walrus, polar bears, reindeer and other species indigenous to the increasingly popular Svalbard archipelago.”

Lagerweij also notes that adventure options such as kayaking are skyrocketing in popularity, as these activities allow tourists to explore Arctic coastlines and waterways in a guided, safe manner.

“2014 is shaping up to be a record year for travel in and around the Arctic Circle, as travelers and mainstream media alike are eager to explore and share their adventures at the top of the world,” said Quark Expeditions® president, Hans Lagerweij. “This year, we expect to welcome aboard more old friends and new passengers than ever before.”

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