People moving to tablets and mobile devices to book holidays

As tablet and smartphone devices like the iPad increase in popularity more and more people are booking hotel accommodations, cheap hotels and even entire holidays with them. A recent TripAdvisor survey discovered that 22% made use of tablets and mobile devices to plan or book their holidays. Of these 30% said they found the devices useful when trying to book accommodations in cheap or luxury accommodations.

Twenty seven percent said they used tablets and mobiles to research further into the particular destination they were thinking of for their holiday. Also restaurants, cultural attractions and things to see and do ranked high for mobile device users.

Over 26% said they would use the devices to look at reviews by peers for holiday destinations they may have in mind. Emma O’Boyle from TripAdvisor said they are seeing incredible growth in the amount of travellers that are planning their own holidays – both before leaving and during their stay, on mobile devices.

Whether they are looking for top-rated destinations or nearby attractions this survey shows they are using their tablets and smartphones as an increasingly important travel companion. British holidaymakers are keen to use their devices to research their holidays but they lag behind other Europeans.