Pattaya has a lot more to offer than beaches and bars

If you have come on holiday to Pattaya in Thailand then there are many attractions that you are going to want to see.

Unfortunately, most people think that the only thing to do in Pattaya is relaxing on the beach and drinking in the bars, but this is simply not the case.

If you head just outside of the city you are going to find an enormous number of interesting places to visit that are going to make your stay in Thailand a more memorable experience.

It was about three decades ago when this part of Thailand first became a major tourist attraction. It was many of the surrounding sightseeing opportunities that drew people but today these are less appreciated than they should be.

Pattaya is fast becoming the most popular tourist destination in the country. It might not have the white sands of some of the beaches in the South but it does come at a much lower cost. The price of hotels in somewhere like Phuket is very high because it is so popular with tourists, where as in Pattaya, the hotels are much cheaper. The city can also still be very easily reached as it is less than 150 kilometres from the international airport in Bangkok.

One of the best attractions located south of Pattaya is Buddha Mountain. This can easily be found because it is close to the Tesco store located to the south of the city. One of the best things about this cultural icon and beautiful park is that the entrance is free.

The mountain is named after Buddha because his face has been carved into. The carving is different to many other Buddha images you have seen as it is not a statue. Instead the cliff face has been made with a large amount of gold leaf which has been arranged to resemble a sitting Buddha. The image is enormous and can be seen a great many miles away. It is over 130 metres tall and 70 metres wide.

Surrounding the cliff there is a spectacular park which is used by people to rest and meditate. There is also a wonderful viewpoint which gives you a view of the cliff as well as the beautiful gardens. There are numerous pools in the gardens which are all full of lotus flowers which are exceptionally beautiful. This location just outside of Pattaya is a wonderful place to come and enjoy some peace and quiet after the business of the city.

Across the lake in the river is a vineyard, and this can be visited by a shuttle bus from the park. Here you can enjoy a grape juice created freshly from the vineyard or enjoy some food at one of the basic eateries. The garden areas here are wonderfully relaxing and they provide a great location to enjoy your snack and juice.

You might think that wine would be the natural thing to taste at the vineyard but this is not possible because the Thai government thinks that wine tasting encourages people to drink too much.

Visiting this park and the neighbouring vineyard will give you a more interesting experience of Thailand than just the beach and would be highly recommended for any visitor. Pattaya is a place that has many sites and unfortunately some of them are all too frequently ignored.