Patagonia remote enough to feel like another world

Patagonia is regarded as one of world’s most remote regions. It has some of the most imposing natural wonders and spectacular scenery that can be found anywhere and this makes it a destination many travellers dream about. Patagonia is a territory shared by Chile and Argentina and it is located right in the southern point of Latin America. It has many destinations that would appeal to adventure travellers and nature lovers.

Tierra Del Fuego is a beautiful National Park which is located in Ushuaia, which is right at the most southern point of Argentina. This national park is something that should not be missed on any holiday to Patagonia. There are great opportunities for trekking, hiking, kayaking, horse riding, as well is a great many more adventures. The lands are untouched and the beauty of nature in this reserve will astound any visitor.

Torres Del Paine is a UNESCO world biosphere reserve and is located in Chile. This reserve is regarded as one of the most beautiful sights in Patagonia. This national park is filled with imposing summits, thick forests, turquoise lakes, and majestic glaciers. Here you will find unlimited opportunity for adventure and a very exciting opportunity to explore unknown territories.

This national park also has some fantastic wildlife, you will be sure to see many land-based animals as well as a huge range of birds, one of the most notable birds is the grand Condor. The Grey Glacier is also located in the heart of the park and as well as sailing across it there are some fantastic hiking around it. The various rivers that connect these glacial lakes provide some great opportunities for kayaking.

One of the best skiing destinations is Bariloche which is located in Argentina. This might just be the highlight of any trip to Argentina, there are fantastic slopes for skiing as well as great opportunities for hiking. In the towns ski resort you will find many entertainment options. This city is a wonderful winter resort and has a great selection of bars, restaurants, and accommodation. There are also several chocolateries in the region.

El Chalten and El Calafate are probably some of the most internationally famous destinations in Patagonia. They are located very near to the beautiful Glaciares National Park. Both these locations are really true wonders of nature and they provide a perfect base for the exploration of the surrounding park. Perhaps the most impressive glacier is Perito Moerno which is known all around the world as a natural wonder.

The most famous attraction in El Chalten however is Mount Fitzroy, this mountain almost always has a summit covered in clouds. This provides for a stunning landscape as well is an excellent hiking and trail walking.