Palau a divers paradise

Palau are a group of islands in the Pacific Ocean that are a beautiful and rare oasis. The islands are located to the east of the Philippines and the waters there have some of the most rich and diverse life in the wild. Combine this with the weather, that is consistently good, and you have the ideal location for scuba diving.

Japanese people are limited in the number of places they are allowed to go scuba-diving and Palau is one of these areas so it is notoriously crowded. If you really want to enjoy the true beauty of the islands it is best to go to quiet time and then you will find a peaceful and tranquil paradise.

In order to scuba-dive on the islands you need to have only a passport although it can be busy so remember to book your scuba-diving and accommodation ahead of time. Almost all hotels provide transport from the airport so you do not have to worry about anything once you land. There is no charge to enter the islands but when you leave you will be charged a tax of $20.

There is a wide range of accommodation on the islands and you will be sure to be able to find something to suit your budget. Lightweight clothes would be recommended as this area of the world is consistently hot. There are days when it rains, especially if it is the rainy season, so remember to pack a waterproof jacket. English is one of the official languages on the island so you do not have to worry about being able to communicate with the locals.

The mean temperature on the island is 27°C but the humidity is quite intense. Tourism on the island is relatively undeveloped and there are only 18,000 people inhabiting it. Despite this lack of tourism Palau is definitely one of the best archipelagos in the world.

There are nearly 350 islands which are surrounded by an enormous relief. In the waters surrounding the reef there are over 1500 different types of fish and if you swim to deeper waters you are sure to be able to see some of the oceans great predators.

Most people who visit the islands would regard them as one of the wonders of the world, simply for their beauty and marine life. Tourists who come to the area will feel as if they are in a tropical paradise when they are swimming among all the beautiful marine life.

For those who are considering where to go on the next holiday then Palau should definitely be a destination they consider. It will provide you with an experience of the beautiful island as well as providing some of the world’s best scuba-diving. You will leave with memories, from both above and below the water, that you will last a lifetime.