Owning your own caravan in the UK

We Brits love our holidays, but due to financial restrictions more of us are now shunning holidays overseas to stay in the UK. This has been given the name of a ‘staycation’, but whatever you call it, we are discovering for ourselves what is on offer in our own country and putting our holiday back into the British economy rather than that of our European neighbours. This current trend for staycations has also seen a massive resurgence of interest in that old staple of British holiday; caravan parks.

Massively popular in the 60’s and 70’s, holiday parks lost out in the next couple of decades when cheap foreign package holidays were at their peak, and people had tired of knobbly knee and glamorous granny contests. Now, however, modern caravan parks in the UK have everything you could possibly want from a good old fashioned family holiday, but with all the home comforts and top level of entertainment and activities we now expect.

Savvy holidaymakers who have a favourite spot are investing in their own static caravans, meaning that they always have a caravan at their disposal and when they aren’t using it they can rent it out to other holidaymakers to generate some extra income. This can add up to quite a pretty penny if you have a quality caravan on a good site in a popular area. Today’s aluminium caravans last for decades so even if you haven’t the money to buy a brand new one, you can get a pre-loved one, spruce up the interior and have years of happy holidays.

There are may different avenues you can go down if you want to buy a caravan, and simply doing an internet search of caravans for sale can cause more problems that its worth as, unless you are a caravan enthusiast, you will not know what you are looking for, and having thousands of results in front of you won’t really help you in your search. One of the best things you can do is visit a park you are interested in owning a caravan on and visit their sales office.

If you have already visited a park and have decided since coming home that you want to own a caravan there then go to the website of the company that owns the site and browse their sales section. If you cannot find the caravan you want on the site that you want, you can always make enquiries about moving a caravan there if it is elsewhere. This will only be a problem if there are no spaces on the park you want, and you would then have to go on the waiting list.

Investing in your own holiday on one of the many brilliant holiday parks that are across the length and breadth of the UK could well be one of the best decisions you ever make, and the fact you will never have to fork out for accommodation again means you can take many more family holidays than you would have been able to do otherwise.