Outstanding adventure holidays

Whether travelling as a family or as a group of friends, adventure holidays are on the up and up and more and more of shun the typical summer holiday for something all the more exciting and adventurous. There are so many different types of adventure holiday available these days that whatever your own particular penchant, you will find a trip that ticks all your boxes.

For those who aren’t faint hearted, climbing holidays are increasing in popularity all the time, and one of the most thrilling is embarking on a Kilimanjaro climb. The highest free standing mountain in the world tops out at a mighty 5985m, and trekking holidays here are very much in vogue at the minute.

There are 4 routes that you can take when climbing Kilimanjaro, so there will be one to suit your abilities, and all give you unprecedented views over Kenya and Tanzania, two of the most spectacular countries in the world. The routes also offer the chance to spot wildlife, catch views of Kibbo Peak and experience numerous different kinds of eco systems during the ascent.

The Rongai route is the easiest and perfect for beginners, Marangu is the classic route with easy walking through several eco systems, Machame offers a steeper descent and is best for experienced climbers whilst Lemosho is a long, scenic route which gives the climbers more chance to acclimatise before reaching the summit. Whichever you choose you will be accompanied by expert guides who know every inch of the mountain, so you can relax in the knowledge that you are in the safest of hands at all times.

As far as group holidays are concerned, there are few better choices than an adventure break. These holidays offer everyone a real challenge and the chance of some gentle competition, as well as providing a real bonding experience as many activities involve working as a team. Whether it is a climbing expedition as previously described, or one onĀ  land or water, the choice you have will ensure not only a great time is had by all but will be one of those holidays that nobody forgets.

There are literally hundreds of itineraries to choose from, in all four corners of the globe. The wide range includes trekking, wildlife, cultural and activity orientated trips that can be tweaked and tailored to best suit the requirements of your particular group. If there is a large group of you going, you can even have a private trip with only your group involved, and this too can be tailor made to suit your needs and take into consideration varying degrees of ability.

Visiting new and exciting countries is one of the big thrills of any holiday, and it doesn’t get much better than experiencing these through an adventure holiday. Trekking in Morocco or Nepal, going on Safari in Africa or shooting the white water rapids in the Pyrenees, there really is something for everything that tick all the boxes in the world of adventure travel; exciting, unique and above all, a whole lot of fun.