Old meets new in a unique way in Istanbul

Istanbul is a city that can offer a unique holiday for just about any type of tourist due to the fact that the modern city also contains a rich history that presents many great attractions. Filled with concert halls, clubs, architecture, restaurants, museums and more; there are plenty of great activities spread throughout the city making it easy to fritter away a week or more without even realising it.

One top attraction for those that want to relax in Turkey is the bath houses or the sandy beaches that are a hit among the tourists. On the other hand, a city that wants to see a bit of art will want to tour the city to see the museums and the ancient architecture that lines the streets.

In between adventures Istanbul has some of the best dining experiences in Turkey and features some great seafood. Finally, during the night the city comes alive with pubs, clubs, and taverns offering every type of night life experience to visitors and more.

Shoppers will want to make it a point to head over to the Grand Bazaar where there are more than five thousand vendors that offer just about anything including tea, clothing, carpets, chess sets, clothing, and souvenirs. However, you will have to haggle to get the best deal at these markets so they may not be the best for the faint of heart.

The best way to see the city is from the top of the Galata Tower as the building is not only ancient having been built back in 1348, but is able to sport a 360 view of the city from the top that is purely breathtaking making it worth the trip.

When it comes time to stop for some food make sure to plan a step by the Erzincanlilar which is a small deli that is thought to be one of the best in the world or stop by any tapas bar and sample the Turkish meyhane.