Northern Europe should not be overlooked as a holiday destination

An often overlooked part of the world for holidaymakers is Northern Europe. The weather can be harsh at times and the people live a simple life, but the area has a lot to offer, especially for tourists who are looking for something a little different but still like the comforts of home.

The Baltic region has long been a popular spot with locals. Lithuania, on the coast of the Baltic Sea is a particular favourite and has the variety of attractions needed to make it the perfect starting point for an exploration of Northern Europe. Lithuanians are a quiet and humble people; extremely hospitable and friendly, it could even be argued the locals are the highlight of visiting this part of Northern Europe.

Lithuania has a rich history, and much of its architecture dates back several centuries. Once a proud and dominant region, it was split into several parts in the 15th century by the Lublin Union. Formerly holding the title of Grand Duchy, the country was dominated by affluence for quite some time and had many grand institutions, such as the Vilnius University, which is very much a part of life in Lithuania today.

Lithuania’s past history has much to do with its Roman Catholic origins. Although not as dominant as in Italy, the church still has much to do with everyday life in the region and for most locals religion forms an important part of their lives.

The most famous church in Lithuania is undoubtedly St. Anne’s Church. A feature of the church is that it is made entirely of brick and is a good example of gothic architecture. St. Anne’s is listed with UNESCO as an Earth Heritage site.