Ngwe Saung, a beach straight out of a glossy magazine

If you are looking for somewhere to chill out and recharge your batteries while in Burma, look no further than Ngwe Saung Beach. With over 10 miles of pure white sands fringed by the crystal clear waters, there is nowhere better to take time out from your trip around Myanmar.

It is also one of the cleanest beaches in the whole of southeast Asia, and offers scenic surroundings where the heat is moderated thanks to the sea breeze rustling through the numerous palm trees. Ngwe Saung Beach is a relative newcomer to tourism, and now is the perfect time to visit this tranquil spot before the rest of the world discovers its existence.

The accommodation in this area doesn’t come cheap, but those with a little extra to spend will feel that it is money well spent when you consider the beauty and luxury that surrounds you. While many will come here to relax, those with energy to spare can take advantage of the sports available.

As well as beach volleyball there are many water sports too including fishing, wind surfing and kayaking. After a hard day of swimming and sunbathing, any muscles that still need working on can be taken care if in one of the many spas located along the beach, or if you are still up for adventure, take a bullock ride into the glorious sunset.

A great way of exploring the area that surrounds Ngwe Saung Beach is by hiring a bicycle. This is hugely popular throughout south east Asia and the roads and lanes here are kept in good condition. Another fun way of exploring is to take a boat ride, and for thrill seekers there is the option of a speed boat ride. With a backdrop of tropical rain forest and the towering Rakhine mountains, exploring is a must.

Fresh sea food is a speciality in the area, and there are many restaurants on the beach front that have barbecues in the evening that offer delicious sea foods that you can eat on the sands by candlelight.

One of the best ways to reach Ngwe Saung Beach is via the tourist ferry that travels from Yangon. The 6 hour trip takes place at night, giving you the choice of either getting your head down or sitting gazing at the stars.