New Zealand’s South Island cities

It’s no surprise to see that some cities in the world are one dimensional. Some are also connected with the four seas from all four sides with sandy land in the middle. Living on such a weird place may look like a fantasy to someone. There is nothing odd in it, for certain.

The geographic layout determines the look and dimension of any city or state.

Places with different layouts and landscapes always tend to attract amateur tourists and visitors. They also become famous travel destination spots for having a unique yet natural design. One bright example is south island of New Zealand.

Christchurch is one of the largest city’s of the South Island, New Zealand. Located on the east coast, it has a lot to offer to please history explorers and archeologists who are tracking the movement of earth and have a dream to discover more about it.

Another amazing graphical layout is The Garden city, which is positioned like a complex maze and is said to have a beautiful connection with the mother of nature. Despite having a desultory layout, trees are standing straight due to gravity, showing greatness of God. It is located near the coast, close to the region of huge mountains. People believe that this city has secret powers in it that are unsurpassed as compared to other states of New Zealand.

People visit Christchurch for outdoor and indoor activities. Food lovers set out camping campaigns there, normally for days or weeks. They stay there while contributing in other recreational activities such as boating, fishing, and skiing. Tourists also approach mountains for mountain biking which is dangerous yet artful, only for experts. Many hotels and motels are founded in the area. Unfortunately they are always booked during vacations, off-business days, and holidays.

Since Christchurch isn’t far away from the New Zealand, many people also visit it when they come to explore the country. Other attractive destinations in the state are fields of Hamner Springs, Lyttelon Harbour, and Akaroa.

You don’t have to drive a lot in order to visit all of the locations. Just hire a taxi for a day and see all possible spots in a one go if you are alone or make your stay as long as you want until you discover it all. If you stay anywhere in the middle of the city, you won’t have to rent a vehicle since all places fall at a walking distance from each other.