New York, New York so good you just can’t keep away

New York City is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, as people from the US and the rest of the world love what the Americans so fondly call the Big Apple. The large population and array of attractions make it a city full of wonders. When you decide to visit or when visiting New York, there are places that are essential to see and your visit would not be complete without them.

Times Square is not just any square, it is the world’s best known and recognisable square. When shopping there be prepared to have crowds of people but you will also be thoroughly entertained and have lots of fun. There are festival events, music events, operatic and theatrical events and a celebrity or two will walk by.

There are over five centuries of artistic invention in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. This is a must for all visitors to see but this may take more than a day to see everything. The museum is extremely large and contains some of the best and most beautiful works of art in the world.

One of the oldest suspension bridges in the United States is the Brooklyn Bridge.  The bridge with the New York City skyline in the backdrop is as recognizable as Big Ben or the Eiffel Tower.

The Statue of Liberty represents democracy and freedom and welcomes all those come to New York City as it is in the New York Harbor. The statue is worldly and well known throughout the world. It was given to the US and travelled over the Atlantic by ship from Europe. Depending on the status of the statue visitors can walk the winding staircase all the way to the torch the statue holds in her raised hand.

If a visitor wants to see hustle and bustle he or she needs only visit Grand Central Station. If people like to people watch this is also a great place to visit. Thousands of people travel to and from Grand Central Station daily.

A place worth visiting, but one of the saddest parts of the city, is ground zero where the World Trade Center once stood. Many come just to pay their respects for what happened in 2001.

One final spot not to miss and what many people say is the most important area is the theater district. Broadway is where many start their stage careers and it is where they hope to one day return to perform to star in a show.