New book on 20,000 km solo cycling journey from Europe to India

An inspirational globe trotter is sharing his adventures with the world in a ‘tell all’ book that recounts his epic two year, 20,000 km solo cycling journey from Europe to India. Titled Between Worlds: The Promise of the Road , the self-published book offers insight into the incredible experiences of Andrew Welch and his one man exploration of place, space and global cultures.

With some destinations seeing Welch live on as little as €2 per day the book offers a raw and utterly realistic account of one man’s plight to cycle the world on a shoestring.

Welch said, “It’s been an incredible journey putting my two year solo cycling expedition into words. I sincerely hope that Between Worlds readers are able to relate to my adventures and build the same connections, feelings and emotions that I was lucky enough to experience during my time on the road.”

Over a period of 24 months Welch pushed his mind and his body to the limits in a mammoth journey that began in Tbilisi and spanned across Europe, Turkey, the Caucasus, Iran, Pakistan, India, Nepal and Mongolia. Along the way he documented his ventures using blog entries, photography and film. Now, the public are offered revealing insight into his lone ride that took him from the harsh winters of Georgia and the dusty deserts of Pakistan to the kaleidoscopic streets of India and the wild mountain landscapes of Mongolia. Adding depth and cultural intrigue to the book is a string of colourful characters, from Nepalese girl goddesses to American evangelical Christians come spiritual Hindus.

As well as recounting the physical and geographical challenges of the journey Between Worlds also offers readers detailed architectural observations that question the nature of the spaces humans inhabit. Welch uses his observations to encourage readers to consider the profound effects architecture can have on thoughts and habits. Every destination has its own unique flavour, with yurts, ashrams, temples, tents, mosques and cathedrals peppering Welch’s journey from start to finish.

Also interwoven into the book are elements of Welch’s personal journey of discovery. From factual observations to feelings of loneliness and displacement, the ongoing themes of space, place and belonging run deep throughout the pages.

“Riding alone is more about observing the world more keenly, coping with fears, and learning to think in a more creative way to make your own experience,” explains Welch.

While Between Worlds: The Promise of the Road is Welch’s biggest project to date it isn’t his first publication. Welch has already self-published three cycling themed predecessors called Weave of the Ride, The Open Wilderness Guiding Book and Prepare, Pack, Pedal: A Practical Guide to Bicycle Touring.

The book is also available in paperback for £9.52. Readers wanting to join Welch on his cross continent journey can also download the eBook from Amazon . The book is free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers or £6.12 to buy.

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