Must see sights in Romania

Romania is a country steeped in legend and folklore, and if you are lucky enough to visit this fascinating and enigmatic country, here are a few of the attractions you should try and see during your stay here.

The palaces and castles of Romania date back to Medievel times, and are incredibly well preserved. The most historically significant castles and palaces are Corvinti, Bran, the Palace of Peles and Fagaras. Bran is the most famous castle of them all, and is known as Dracula’s Castle. There is historical data that proves this castle was the base for Vlad Tepes, or Vlad the Impaler, who most believe to be the inspiration for Dracula.

There are many monasteries in Romania, and they are famed for their hand painted frescoes. These tell stories from the bible and can be seen on the walls and ceilings. The most popular with tourists are the Vornet, Moldovita and Humor monasteries.

Romanian wines are growing in both popularity and esteem, and their reputation for producing fine quality wines is spreading across the globe. There are several wine regions in the country, with the oldest vineyard dating back to the 19th century. The four major wine producing areas are the Cotnari Region, the Dealu Mare Region, the Murfatlar region and the Tarnave Region.

Being a country deeply immersed in religion, there are many churches to visit while in Romania. There were a huge number of fortified churches built in the 12th century by German Saxons, and these shaped the architecture for the entire country. Of all the fortified churches the most famous are Alma, Bierten, Harman,Prejmer, Hosman, Medias, Mosna and Viscri, and there are many more besides.

Romania’s Maramures Region is also home to many wooden churches, and these are one of the areas main tourist attractions. If you only get a chance to see a few, make sure they are the Barsana Monastery, the sighetul Marmatiei Village, Surdesti Church and Veda Church.