Miami to Cuba, a world of blue bliss

With Cuba-US relations back on the mend, more people than ever will be enjoying the stunning crystal-clear waters embracing this island.  Why not take advantage of the renewed political unity and sail from Miami to Cuba? You’ll get the best of both worlds, from modern luxury to old-world culture and charm. Try the best Cuban food outside of Cuba, then try it in Cuba for a terrific journey of flavourful delights. Explore diverse landscapes from mountains to white sandy beaches and stop for a city break in Havana, Cuba’s intriguing, amusement-filled capital. Together with Latesail’s last minute charter and the island’s affordable accommodation discover why Cuba is rapidly becoming a popular sailing sensation.
Miami is a white shimmering pearl of skyscrapers, white sandy beaches and glamorous nightclubs. But Miami is so many things. Miami is home to the largest community of Cubans in the United States – Latin-inspired cafés, restaurants, cigar shops and don’t forget salsa clubs – line the streets of the Little Havana District. Miami’s business district is what you’d expect: clean, shiny tall glass business centers, malls, art galleries and chic residential developments.  For a never ending party head to Miami’s east side, or South Beach. Here you’ll find beautiful people, people who enjoy sun and sand all year long. The stretch of white sandy beach is filled with fanciful art deco hotels. Miami has it all for every age. Choose from many stunning marinas to start your yacht charter to a great holiday.
Cuba is as diverse an island as any you’re ever likely to encounter. From agricultural valleys to a capital city steeped in history and culture. Think colourful Spanish-inspired architecture, old cars and old men smoking cigars outside of old bars. Of course there is also a new and vibrant arts scene. Young Cubans want to be heard and are sharing their experiences through art and award-winning media. Cayo Coco is a strip of paradise, far less populated by hotels than some other popular tourist destinations. Discover a world to yourself, relax and be pampered. Cuba is relatively new, but incredible sailing ground.
Havana is blasting with music from bars to clubs to musicians jamming on the streets – music can be heard everywhere. Cuba was a slave trading port, Colonialists brought West Africans to the island for centuries. These days Cuba is an eclectic blend of cultures, an influence that has popularized its Afro-Latin beats all around the world. Havana is also home to incredible architecture, left behind by a slew of colonising nations – some buildings are in disarray but they only add to Havana’s old-world charm. Havana is a bit of everything for everyone. It’s a seductive city that invites the senses back for more.

A new port of sail has opened up a world of diversity and wonder. Book a late sale yacht charter to get the most bang for your pound. A charter from Miami to Havana offers sand, sun and vibrant cultural attractions that are sure to satisfy the whole family.