Mediterranean Cruises

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The Mediterranean is a magnificent ocean environment with several destinations to choose from when taking a holiday. Cruises are a great way to experience this area, allowing entry to many wonderful and different countries. With superb weather, the area contains some of the most strikingly beautiful locations on the planet making it an ideal holiday destination.

With warm, rainy seasons and hot, arid summers the Mediterranean is considered one of the most popular tourist attractions in Europe.  The area is also blessed with rich civilisation, a spectacular beach, a pleasant climate and widespread history to discover.

Mediterranean Destinations

Mediterranean cruises operate from a large number of ports, offering everyone the chance to explore this paradise. Barcelona, the largest city in Spain which is located on the mainland, has a warm climate and is an industrious city with a comfortable ambiance. Coffee stores, busy urban centres and various shopping malls are all available in the city, offering visitors a true taste of Spain.

Palma is a harbour located on the Spanish island of Majorca and is a tremendously popular tourist destination with European travellers. The port is situated on the south side of the island, with the rest of the island being easily accessible via public transport. Palma offers travellers a different Spanish experience, offering them variety and diversity within a single country.

Tunis, a city in Tunisia is another popular Mediterranean cruise destination. Tunisia is an Arabic nation and it is therefore recommended that travellers check any rules or regulations before touring the area. Shore trips from the port will give people the chance to discover an ancient world with a characteristic African ambience. The weather in Tunis is warm and dry and is therefore popular with a number of travellers and visitors.

Another great Mediterranean destination is Italy. Rome is the largest city in Italy and contains some of the most well known shrines and architectural buildings in the world, with the Colosseum being one of the most famous. This incredibly beautiful structure offers numerous delights to travellers and is one of the capitals mean tourist attractions.

Another area to visit in Italy is Naples, which is positioned further south. The Bay of Naples is a popular destination which is recognised for its beautiful landscapes and historical background. The city is over 2,800 years old and is shadowed by Mount Vesuvius which famously destroyed entire civilisations in the towns of Pompeii and Herculaneum following an eruption in AD 79.

Of course, Mediterranean cruises are not the only types of cruise available and there are plenty of other options for travellers. Alaska cruises offer people the chance to explore an icy paradise, offering them a completely unique and wonderful experience.

When deciding on your cruise, one of the most important things to consider is the cruise ship. Cruise operators will offer a range of ships which offer luxury and extravagance to their passengers. One example of this is the Celebrity Silhouette, which offers premium style and class to all its passengers.