Marina Bay Sands Hotel new title most expensive hotel in the world

The Marina Bay Sands Hotel finally opened. The £3.5 billion hotel in Singapore has opened to the public in gala style and has dethroned the Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi as the most expensive hotel in the world. But the main attraction is perched on the 55th storey if the hotel, a 650 foot wide pool. It is the largest outdoor pool in the world located at that height.

Named the Infinity Pool, the drop at the edge falls off into a three-tiered catchment that then pumps the water back up into the larger pool. There is also a SkyPark in the shape of a boat on the top of the three towers. The hotel has 2,560 rooms that are priced at $520 per night.

The design resembles a deck of cards and was designed by Moshe Safdie. The décor includes a casino, an indoor canal with boats to ride in, an outdoor plaza, a theatre, a convention centre, a crystal pavilion and a museum in the shape of a lotus flower. There should be over £40m worth of salaries paid out to over 10,000 employees annually.