Luxury Villas – Try Majorca

When we are starting to plan our holidays, we spend more time deliberating over our accommodation than anything else. Most of us have the destination in mind before we start, but if we are going somewhere new and aren’t familiar with the accommodation offered there, we can spend hour after hour trawling through websites checking out hotels, apartment and the like.

We all have our specifications of what the ideal holiday accommodation is; spacious, clean, certain facilities such as a pool and close to the main attractions in the area. The more we look the more frustrating it is, as there are those that have some of the requirements, and those that have others. This is especially difficult if you, like so many, choose to take a holiday with a large group of family or friends.

If you are in this bracket, the best kind of accommodation for you is a villa. Long thought off as the retreats of the rich and famous, luxury villas are the ideal holiday accommodation as they offer privacy, freedom and those extra little touches that make holidays so special and memorable. Private pools, spas, four poster beds, cutting edge technology; today’s luxury villas are something very special and are well worth checking out.

There is nothing to beat the freedom that comes with taking a villa holiday. Eat what and when you want, no having to fit in with a hotel’s timetable and the ability to come and go as you please and fully explore the area in which you are staying. Sightseeing is tiring fact, and there is nothing better than coming back to your own luxury haven and relaxing on the terrace with a glass of wine watching the sun go down.

If you like the idea of a villa holiday but can’t decide where to go, you could do a lot worse than looking at the luxury villas in Majorca. This exquisite island is the jewel in the Mediterranean’s crown, and away from the bustling resorts has some of the most beautiful landscapes you will find anywhere in the world. Lush greenery, stunning beaches and that laid back Spanish way of life makes Majorca the perfect holiday destination.

From the north to the south you will find a huge range of luxury villas in Majorca, both near the coast and further inland. Whether you are looking for a cosy haven for two or an expansive villa with room for a dozen or so, there is a villa in Majorca to suit your needs. Majorca has a refined air that is totally unique in the Balearics, and the sheer volume of luxury accommodation on offer is a testament to this.

Planning our annual trip to the sun is something we take great pleasure in, after working all year we deserve to treat ourself to a touch of luxury and be spoiled  little. If this is your idea of a perfect holiday then find yourself a luxury villa in Majorca, it will be one of the best decisions you ever make.