Luxury holidays in Australia

If you were asked to come up with a list of the top destinations to take a luxury holiday to, the chances are that Australia would figure in the top three, if not at the top. This land down under is still an enigma to many and the fact that the closest most of us have got to it is seeing in it films or on television, makes it even more of a must see. It is a long way granted, but never will that long flight have felt more worthwhile.

The main problem many prospective holidaymakers have when they decide to take the plunge and head to Oz is where to stay. In a country such as this, how on earth are you meant to choose one place when there is so many on offer? This problem has now been eliminated however, as luxury holidays to Australia are now a doddle to organise thanks to the fantastic tours that are now available.

There really is no better way to explore this magnificent country so rich in culture and diversity than on a luxury tour. The country itself has an area 50% larger than Europe, yet has the lowest population density in the world and is home to no less that 15 natural wonders designated as World Heritage sites.

These can all be enjoyed at no extra cost on the tour, and a helicopter ride over the Great Barrier Reef or a romantic dinner with Ayers Rock as the backdrop or a relaxing dinner cruise by Sydney Harbour bridge are very much part of the itinerary.

Landscapes blur into one here, where you will find a rainforest at the edge of a contemporary city, and flowing waterways seem to appear from nowhere out of the barren bushland, and rolling countryside stops abruptly when it reaches an expanse of sandy beach fringed by a turquoise sea.

As the word luxury implies, the accommodation on these tours is absolutely first class, with hotels such as Sydney’s Radisson Blu or Queensland’s Thala Beach eco-lodge being very much the norm. From the moment you board the plane and begin you tour, you really are in the lap of luxury in the truest sense of the word, and this never stops until you are home again.

Take a look for yourself at the amazing tours now available in Australia, and with so many to choose from you will find one that includes your own personal must sees without any problem. The only real difference you will find between the tours is that some only cover Australia and others take in New Zealand as well, and it’s entirely up to you which option you prefer.

These tours are obviously for a longer duration than an ordinary holiday, and tend to be around 4 weeks long, or a full month, but you really need this length of time to see the best attractions without travelling around the country at a frantic pace which doesn’t give you the time in each place to appreciate what you are seeing.