Luxembourg has more to offer than just politics

In the heart of Western Europe is Luxembourg City which today has become known as a banking and administrative centre for Europe. Numerous institutions from the European Union can be found in the city including such important institutions as the European Courts of Justice, the European Court of Auditors as well as the European Investment Bank.

Luxembourg City is one of the smallest capital cities in the world and many people who are travelling through Europe by train come here just to mark it off the list of destinations visited.

If you are visiting Luxembourg City one of the best times to do this would be during the Grand Duke’s birthday, which is a national celebration across Luxembourg. Many street parties take place during this day and parades are held in the capital city. The city also has a beautiful World Heritage Site, the Casemates Bock. This is a tunnel that runs underneath the city and was constructed in the 18th-century.

It is very easy to get to Luxembourg City and there are many trains and buses serving the city. It is so small that one of the best ways to get around would be by foot, but if you want to see more then you can rent a bike or take the bus.

The city has had a great deal of strategic importance during European wars in the past and in both World War I and World War II the city attempted to remain neutral, but was ultimately captured by the Germans and used as a strategic fortress in both wars. After World War II the country decided to end its neutral perspective and joined several associations that span across governments.

Working out how to find your way in the city is very easy as there are excellent transport facilities as well as friendly locals. People here speak French, German and English, so asking for directions will always be very easy. If you are looking to explore the city in a different way, then you should consider going on a horseback tour around the city, something that is very popular.

In terms of attractions and tourist sites, Luxembourg has a great deal to offer. A great way to enjoy the city would be to start with a tour of the Wenzel Walk. This path will take you through the historic part of the city and will allow you to see some of its most beautiful sights