Late Deals to Turkey – Five Great Reasons To Go

On the face of it, late deals to Turkey may just seem like another holiday promotion.

However, dismissing Turkey as simply a country for beach holidays in the summer could result in you missing out.

If you’re looking for a last minute break and see any late deals to Turkey advertised, below are five great reasons to go.

Good exchange rate

At the time of writing (winter 2012) the exchange rate between Turkey and the UK is favourable for holidaymakers.

This means you can get so much more from cheap deals to Turkey than just good flight and accommodation prices.

When you compare the cost of things like taxis, going out for a meal, and clothing in Turkey to the UK, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Much more than beaches

While there are of course many renowned beach resorts on Turkey’s Turquoise Coast, the country has a lot more to offer when it comes to late holiday deals.

Turkey’s history is just too interesting to ignore. When you combine that with some of the architecture, traditional markets, baths, and sporting activities such as golf, you can see why there’s much more to Turkey than first meets the eye.

A world of great cuisine

Turkey’s cooking has had many influences over the years, which continue to flavour its best dishes today. Often hailed as an eclectic mix of European, Asian, Middle Eastern and Balkan cooking, Turkish food benefits from the fresh seafood and local produce which bring a range of menu items to life.

If you go to the major cities, you’ll see the usual suspects in terms of Western fast food outlets, but it would be a real shame to visit Turkey and not sample its more traditional delights.

Flight times and duration

Late deals to Turkey are popular due to the wide availability of flights from the UK. Because there are so many of these, particularly in the summer months, flight times are often convenient.

You can be in Turkey in around four hours from the UK, so it’s not a long haul flight, but definitely worth it for the unique culture and atmosphere of places like Istanbul.


When you think of cheap deals to Turkey, summer beach packages probably spring to mind. It may surprise you then to learn that skiing holidays to Turkey throughout the winter months are building up a good reputation.

Skiing in Turkey can be just as good as other countries, but usually without the huge numbers than can make navigating the slopes that bit more difficult.

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