Lanzarote Hotels & Attractions: Ones Not to Miss!

Lanzarote is full of fantastic hotels and different destinations for visitors that will more satisfy any kind of traveller. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing break on the beach for a week or you’re on the explore looking for hidden gems Lanzarote will deliver. You can also rest easy in the knowledge that finding a top quality Lanzarote hotel for your stay won’t be a problem, with a wealth of great accommodation available for varying budgets.

But what should you go and see during your holiday? We’ve highlighted 4 places below which should definitely be on your list:

Timanfaya National Park – Timanfaya National Park often tops the list for people visiting Lanzarote. Its highlight is the active volcano at its heart, and a visit there is not dissimilar to going for a walk on the moon. The ground under foot warms your whole body and you can see the lava bursting to get out of the earth’s insides. A trip to Los Hervideros will also satisfy those looking to indulge in some lava fun.
La Geria Wine region – the La Geria region is a paradise for wine lovers and perfect for couples looking for a pretty getaway on their travels. Unlike any vineyard you will have seen before, this place will take your breath away and leave you wanting to stay forever.
Any Beach! – Lanzarote is packed with a massive range of glorious beaches, not least Playa Blanca which mixes white sands with long winding trails. With stunning vistas of the coastline hidden along the way they’re worth the effort! Playa Mujeres is a favourite that attracts the most tourist attention and will leave you glowing and content.
Palacio Spinola – The culture vultures should head to Palacio Spinola for a shot of history and stunning architecture. It preserves its colonial atmosphere and once housed the governor. A Sunday trip will allow you to see the market take over as stall owners and musicians in costumes flood into the plaza.

Lanzarote is a hidden gem. It may have a reputation for just being a package holiday favourite, but there’s plenty to explore for travellers with a more inquisitive feel. The truth is you have to visit to discover its beauty, so turn off your computer, book your flights and go!

This is a guest post from Tom @ Backpacking Travel Destinations