Kenya, the heart of the African east coast

Kenya, known as the heart of the African east coast, offers unlimited opportunities for the traveller from all avenues in life. With its many resorts and hotels, Kenya gives the holidaymaker excitement and at the same time, a way of keeping in touch with nature.

Rich in cultural heritage, Kenya is a diverse nation with many different cultural groups and plays host to over 75 different language communities. There are over 60 national game parks and reserves all very well stocked with wildlife and birdlife, but it is advisable to get advice on the best times, and information, when visiting the game parks.

Many bush resorts are situated in Northern Kenya which is suitable to both the unsophisticated tourist and the more luxurious tour traveller. Wildlife abounds throughout Kenya and is not confined to any one particular area. This makes Kenya the perfect destination for wildlife photographers and game spotters alike.

Travel in Kenya is fairly straightforward. After landing at Nairobi International Airport the visitor has the option of flying to specific destinations on smaller aircraft or travelling by road in open topped vehicles. Some area can be reached on horseback and even bicycles are used where distance is not a major concern. The travellers’ safety is well catered for.

The weather seasons do play a big part in the different sights of the country. In April and May plant life and vegetation is luxuriant and green while December through to March brings pleasant warm weather with vast brown savannah areas very prominent. Temperatures begin to drop in July and August.  During June and September wildlife migration takes place making a perfect subject for the enthusiastic photographer.

Tourism in the country during the rainy season begins to decline and for this reason travel throughout Kenya is relatively inexpensive. The rain usually falls in early morning and late at night so it is possible to take in the sights during the day. With its warm climate, abundant wildlife and friendly people, Kenya is ideal for an African experience and there is no bad time to visit the country.