Ignore the politics and enjoy the best of Quito, Ecuador

Quito, Ecuador made noise after the re-election of President Rafael Correa. However, if you are going to explore the city, you will discover that apart from politics, there is so much to talk about regarding the place.

For instance, you can find there the Casa Gangotena, a mansion that was built in the year 1920s, and was previously possessed by a rich local clan. Later, it was turned into a hotel that gives a view of Plaza San Francisco, which is a historic place in the city. This hotel serves a special drink called Agua de Frescos, a fruity and refreshing drink, to welcome the guests. fruity and refreshing drink that contains 11 herbs and no alcohol.

Apart from the Casa Gangotena, there is also the Art Nouveau hotel, which has 31 rooms and some of which offers a scene of the Church of San Francisco and a paved courtyard. This gives a breathtaking view of Andes Mountains and the world’s highest metropolis.

Moreover, the 3,000 feet Mashpi Lodge is also existent in Ecuador. It was designed by an Ecuadorian Architect named Alfredo Ribadeneira, and it has bath tubs designed by Philippe Starck, 22 rooms and suites, and 5 star glass spaceship.

Near in Quito, there is Galapagos Island, a place that is known for its wildlife. You can find cluster of Islands where you can go hopping through the use of boat. Each island has distinct features that are surely remarkable. It is the place that Charles Darwin talked about in his famous writing.

Apart from the cosy accommodations and beautiful places, Ecuador is known for their food like ceviche and colaciones, which can be found in different parts of the region. The people are also friendly and the staffs of the hotels are very accommodating. Regarding the price, a 4 night Galapagos cruise, two nights at the Mashpi Lodge, and 3 nights B&B at the Casa Gangotena from will cost £4,495pp.