Ideas for breaks where the sun doth shine

If winter is really starting to get you down and your entire persona is aching for warmth, it is high time you pack those bags and go to where the sun actually shines. There are plenty of places to go, it’s just a matter of choice and budget. Listed below are some of the hottest destinations for 2013.


During this time the temperature during daytime in St. John is registering at around 81 degrees Fahrenheit. You can feel a calm wind touching your skin; there are only a few remote clouds that you can see on the sky. Experts are predicting that situations like this are expected to continue until April.


Climate resembles a lot like Antigua, but is definitely a bit warmer, measuring at approximately 84-86 degree Fahrenheit. Conditions like this is set to last till the last week of March, and if you are looking for a place to stay with an ambience of the country side, take a look at the Coral Reef Club and explore their 12 acres magnificent garden.


The country’s winter lasts for 6 weeks, after that the desert will start to warm up. Pack your bags and fly to Dubai before it becomes scorching hot. Fortunately, the temperature during the months of February until April is around 75 degree Fahrenheit; authorities are expecting the temperature to it over 80 degrees Fahrenheit in 2-3 weeks.

Cape Town

It is the best time to visit South Africa right now since they are at the peak of their summer season. Cape Town is experiencing 9-10 hrs of sunlight per day. Normal daily temperature is registering at 80 degree Fahrenheit. It is best to check out the Mount Nelson hotel when you are around the area.


February is a best time to visit this place if you want to enjoy the warm rays of the sun. Surprisingly even if it is situated near the Atlas Mountain, the temperature in Marrakesh rarely drops below 65 degrees.