Ideas For a Holiday In China

There are few places on earth that are as mysterious and appealing as China. For many years this vast republic was hidden behind a virtual bamboo curtain, and contact with the West was scant at best. Since the fall of communism the interest in China has grown at a phenomenal rate, and tourism is now a major money maker for this country’s economy. As you can now fly to China from many UK airports, it has become a popular destination for Brits.

The main problem you will come across while planning your China holiday is your itinerary. What can you pack into your time there while still having enough time to enjoy what you see and not feel rushed. For this very reason, dozens of travel agents have put together tours and trips to give you the chance to feel the real essence of China on your trip, and ensure you have a truly unforgettable experience.

One of the most popular of these is a River Yangtze cruise, this beautiful and majestic waterway is the longest river in Asia, and the third longest in the world. It runs eastwards for approximately 6,380km from its source in the province of Qinghai until it reaches Shanghai and the East China Sea. Aficionados say that a trip down the Yangtze gives you a taste of the real China like nothing else can.

Whilst the main cities of China are classed as some of the most dynamic and modern in the world, the sites you will see on a River Yangtze cruise will transport you back centuries. There are many relics of the ancient civilisation and dynasties that ruled over this amazing country thousands of years ago, and they are truly breath taking.

The 3 Gorges; Qutang, Xiling and Wu are three of the must see sights on the Yangtze. They span the river between Eastern Sichuan and Western Hubei and, totally 193km in length, they are 3 of the most imposing and impressive gorges that you can see anywhere on earth. Another of their must see attractions is the Hydroelectric River Dam, this spans the Yangtze and is the largest in the world, being 5 times the size of the famous Hoover Dam.

If are starting to plan your China holiday, go online and check out the sites which specialise in tours down the Yangtze River. This way you can turn your highly anticipated holiday into a true trip of a lifetime.