How to get the cheapest flights for your holiday

Saving money is something which has become increasingly important to the average consumer, especially in light of the current economic climate. Of course, making cutbacks to the cost of items doesn’t mean we have to make sacrifices and finding the cheapest flights for your holiday is the best way to have a fantastic experience whilst still saving money.

Taking advantage of cheap flights will allow you to spend more money once you have reached your destination. This gives you more freedom to explore – something which is especially important in popular areas such as London.

In London, you can find a number of reasonably priced hotels to stay in and these offer both comfort and affordability. There are also a number of cheap flights from London from airlines such as Flybe, meaning that everyone can save money on their holiday.

To obtain the best deals, it is better to book well in advance if you have already fixed the dates when you will be travelling. Then you can book the cheapest flights to London and will have more options to choose from.

Making sure you are aware of all of the additional charges incurred on your flight is the easiest way to cut costs and is therefore highly important. For example, many cheap flight carriers will charge you for extras such as allocated seating, extra baggage and food and drinks served during the flights.

Getting cheap flights to London can be easily achieved, particularly if you pay more attention to detail. There are some simple things you can do to lower your cost:

• Always be flexible with your departure dates. Most online travel services will offer recommendations when cheaper flights are available a few days before or after your specified dates. Make sure you check this and, if possible, re-arrange your holiday dates to coincide with these cheaper fares.

• Sign up for alerts to flights which are priced within your budget. You will be notified when the cost is within your region and could help you to get flights at the price you want.

• It is good to choose the off season period to travel to get cheap flights to London. Then try to fly in the midweek like Tuesday to Thursday which has lower levels of demand than other days. Do not travel over the weekend or on Monday morning as these will be peak times and will have higher costs associated with them.

•Early morning and late evening planes are typically less popular and allow you to get tickets at a cheaper rate.

•Planes which are not direct are also normally cheaper. This means making a stop at another destination to get a connecting flight could therefore save you money on your overall holiday and should always be given consideration. Make sure that this form of travel is convenient to you before committing to it and ensure that you consider all aspects of your holiday’s costs before departure.