How to get the best out of your theme park tickets in Florida

Florida, the sunshine state of the US that has so much to see and do for tourists that we flock their in our millions to explore, shop, eat, drink and generally have a whale of a time. Without a doubt, the most popular place in Florida for UK tourists is Orlando, as here you will find some of the best theme parks that you will find anywhere in the world.

Disney World, Universal Studios, Busch Gardens, Wet n Wild, Aquatica, the list goes on. Whether you want to be hanging upside down while travelling at hair raising speeds, or keeping your feet on terra firma, the theme parks will satisfy the most discerning of travellers, and offer those kind of unique experiences that come along sometimes only once in a lifetime, so it is no surprise that their popularity is stratospheric.

When it comes to planning your trip, a sizeable chunk of your budget will be taken up by your Florida theme park tickets. There are dozens of websites offering deals to certain parks, and the hardest decision will be deciding on which ones you are going to visit. It can be tempting to try and fit them all in, but unless you are going there for more than a week or a fortnight even, you will not be there to do them all justice.

This is due to the sheer size of these parks, the magnitude of which cannot be fully appreciated until you are actually there is person. The fact that for Disney World for example you can buy 14 day passes gives some indication of how much there is to see and do just within this one park alone. The mistake people make is being under the assumption that these parks are just full of rides, and that is certainly not the case.

If you have done Disney previously, or are one of the few that aren’t great fans of the little mouse and all his friends, the other parks may well hold more appeal. If this is the case, your best bet is to purchase an Orlando FlexTicket which gives you unlimited access to 5 or 6 of the other parks in Orlando, depending upon which option you choose.

Even if you only visit 3 of them, you will still save money by buying the FlexiTicket rather than buying tickets separately. It also gives you the freedom to go with the flow so to speak, so if you get up one morning and fancy going to Wet n Wild, or Busch Gardens, you have the pass to take you there. You may go somewhere that is too busy, and you can move on somewhere else and go back to your first choice on another day.

The freedom a FlexiTicket affords you is unparalleled, and should be one of the first things you check out when planning your trip to Orlando. Buy as far as possible in advance too and you could hit on some great deals to make your holiday even more enjoyable with extra cash in your pocket to spend when you get there.

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