How about Buying a Ski Chalet in France?

It is a little known fact that over a million British tourists went to the French ski slopes, you would have thought that Switzerland would have been their destination, but no it was France. Because of this magnetic attraction to both the French Alps and the Pyrenees more and more skiers are becoming aware of the property valuations and potential and are buying or planning to buy their own ski chalets. It’s a great idea to own a chalet in ski resort; it can pay for itself and be a great investment it can also be fantastic fun.

It could be a great long term investment

Before anyone buys a chalet they need to be aware that whilst they have paid for their skiing holidays for the foreseeable future, it will take a period of time before the chalet’s total rental income exceeds the original outlay, so you need to estimate any mortgage costs from the property valuation and factor that into the potential income you anticipate. Never the less, a chalet can provide a welcome, regular rental income, which is not necessarily limited to the winter months. Property valuations in the skiing regions have been rising steadily in recent years so buyers should be able to look forward to a substantial return on their investment in the long run.

Are French Ski Chalets the best?

One reason that property valuations have been rising in the French ski resorts, particularly the Alps is that the majority of British people looking to buy a ski chalet choose France as the preferred location for their second home. Also, good ski chalets in the surrounding Alpine countries such as Austria or Italy can be difficult to find, strict regulations on the ownership of holiday homes have virtually wiped out the market in Austria for example. There is a wide variety of skiing available to suit beginners and experienced skiers alike in France – so a chalet in the French Alps is ideal as it would be located in the world’s largest skiing area.

Making Money from the Chalet

It is not only the British who recognise the benefits of staying in chalets, but many nationalities, so you will always have good visitor numbers, even in the summer months!. Chalets are usually around half the price of staying in a resort hotel and offer a good level of both comfort and privacy. Some British people have moved to France to run profitable businesses from their chalets because accommodation is not the only thing that can earn you money: hiring out equipment, guided tours and midday meals offer great business opportunities.

Remember though, French property laws are different from British and their building surveys are in Euro’s not Sterling!!

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