Hotels prices around the world set to drop

UK holidaymakers can look forward to a decrease in worldwide inexpensive hotel prices during the month of April, per the HotelsCombined’s latest Price Index Review. The anticipated drop was global but certain destinations will experience much more significant drops than other destinations. Remarkable low rates for accommodations should be available in Jamaica, Egypt and Germany as they were areas singled out by the Review.

Both Egypt and Beirut prices will by much more inexpensive with the Middle East being the year on year leader in decreased prices in booking accommodations. Cairo hotels are expected to drop prices by as much as 18% while Beirut hotels also are expected to reduce significantly their rates.

Those holidaymakers that plan to head in April to Germany will be quite surprised by the anticipated price drops at hotels in Westerland, Nuremberg and Dusseldorf. UK travellers very much like city breaks to Germany during this time of year because of the slightly milder weather and to enjoy and soak up some of that great German culture.

Jamaica reservations should increase quite significantly over the course of April due to the expected decrease in hotel rates that may be lower by as much as 24% than what the current rates are now. Looking ahead as early as possible will insure you find the best hotel, rates and flight possible.