Holidays in China

The mysterious east has long held a mystical fascination for travellers the world over, and the fact that it is so much easier to get to than it was in the past means that the many previously undiscovered jewels of the orient are now being discovered by fortunate visitors. There are many ways to visit China and you can either plan your own itinerary online very easily or take one of the many organised tours that are available.

China holidays have stood the test of the current economic crisis and haven’t suffered to the extent of some other countries. This is partly due to the fact that those who have the means to take a holiday are choosing to make the most of it and go further afield as they end up paying little more than they would for a holiday in one of the big Med resorts, plus the cost of living is so much cheaper in China that less spending money is needed.

Planning your own holiday can be a lot of fun, but at the same time can be a bit restrictive as it can be hard to fit in everything you want to see. If you have never travelled out of Europe before it can be hard to envisage just how vast a country China actually is and the huge distances between the main attractions. Working out an effective itinerary that includes all the travel can be very time consuming but has also contributed to the surge in popularity of tours.

These tours, which can easily be found on line with a simple search, cover all the major sights and the transportation. They can also include such magical delights as cruises down the Yangtze River, which is a must in order to see a whole different side of China and also present some of the most epic photographic opportunities that you will find anywhere in the world.

There are also those, however, who have a specific holiday spot in mind, such as Beijing or Shanghai holidays. These specific types of trip are as easy to organise as a weekend in London. As well as the large tour operators, there are specialist travel sites online which will give you a great choice of accommodations as well as tourist guides to enable to get the most out of your time in these buzzing and vibrant cities.

While the number of tourists that visit China every year runs into millions, it is such an expansive country that there are still huge areas that are still untouched by tourism. When you compare these with the technologically advanced major cities it greatly helps you to understand the amazing diversity of this most amazing of countries.

China has something to offer everyone; history, culture, cuisine, architecture and the famous hospitality are merely tips of the iceberg. A holiday here can truly be classed as the trip of a lifetime, and thanks to modern transportation, holidaying in China is no longer just the kind of stuff that dreams are made of, it is very much a reality.

Article Published for Wendy Wu Tours