Holidaying as a single parent

Life can be difficult enough as a single parent without adding to the stress of going on holiday. While you may feel as if you desperately need a break, the logistics of taking kids on holiday put many off, and the thought of keeping an eye on the children while also relaxing and enjoying the break yourself has seem impossible. The truth is that with careful planning, single parent holidays abroad can be great fun for all concerned.

The first thing to consider is the age of the children, as this will determine where are the best places to go to ensure you all have the best time possible. While kids clubs have often received bad press, they are actually a godsend for not only single parents, but all parents. Don’t feel guilty about your kids going to a kids club, they will have a great time, make new friends, and give you that precious ‘me’ time that most single parents can only dream of.

Budget also plays a huge part in anyone’s holiday, and there is no point in breaking the bank to pay for the holiday and finding you have little spending money when you are there. The all inclusive option is always worth considering if you have little ones who constantly want drinks, ice creams etc., but you may not get your money’s worth if the children are older, and it also ties you to the hotel for all the meals, making day trips difficult.

By sitting down and working out a realistic budget you can save time planning your holiday, and by shopping around and checking out various sites you can compare prices and rest assured that you have found the best deals possible on flights, accommodation etc. If there are attractions nearby such as water parks, but your tickets in advance as this will also save you money on what you would pay on the gate.

If you are single parent looking to go on holiday with older children or teenagers then the world is literally your oyster. Look outside of the box and consider holidays that are more exciting that a nice hotel on the Med. Adventure holidays are a great excuse to spend some precious family time together and having fun at same time. Egypt, Morocco and Jordan holidays are all options worth looking at.

While most kids will complain about traipsing around museums and the like in this country, they cannot fail to be impressed by the ancient relics of civilisations from days gone by.  Seeing some of the great sights of the world such as The Pyramids, are taking a trek across a desert on a camel or floating in the Dead Sea are fantastic experiences that nobody will complain about, even the surliest of teens.

If all this sounds very tempting but the one thing putting you off is the lack of adult company in a foreign land then ask a friend along. Whether they have kids or not, that adult conversation can make a huge difference and help you to have that holiday you so deserve.

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